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Metal bar hanging off the front of my car

Hello all I have started a road trip from New York to Nevada. I had gotten to Iowa last night and this morning I saw this. I was wondering if anyone knew exactly what it was. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Are you sure it’s metal and not plastic? A better picture would be helpful. Try turning your steering wheel all the way to the left an take a photo from a low angle up into where the object originates from.

Have you tried pulling it loose just incase it is something from the road and not part of the vehicle. If it won’t come loose but you can drive at a slow speed try to find a nearby shop that has lift so you can see underneath.

I suspect its plastic too and part of the air dam/splash shield or wheel well cover. They are held on with plastic push pins-available at NAPA or dealer if you know what size. Nothing much is going to be open in Iowa on Sunday so prolly going to need to crawl under and take a look and secure the thing with a little wire or something from your emergency kit. Then hit a shop or dealer on Monday. You don’t want to lose it but it might have been loosened for an oil filter change or something and the kid didn’t get the fasteners back in again.