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Identify Two Metal Bars Dragging on Either Side of 97 Ford Escort Rear

I have a '97 Ford Escort. I drive over an enormous pothole. Immediately, I heard a dragging noise on the left side of my car. The noise only occurred if I went over terrain that caused the car to somewhat bounce up and down. I got out of the car. I discovered a metal bar hanging down near the left wheel. I then noticed another one hanging down near the right. The bars appear to be either ends of a long rod. These bars curve down away from that rod. One has a hole through the end. One has something like a nut or bolt on the end. Any ideas?

Rear Anti-Roll (Sway) Bar ?


Can you post a picture?

I Got A Look At The Rear Suspension On A Photo Of A 97 Escort.

It’s got to be that rear anti-roll bar, (other names: stabilizer bar, sway bar) and links on the ends.

The bar is about (narrower than the rear of the car) 10" or so inside the rear tires on each side. Links go up through the track arms and you’ll see part of the links or holes in the track arm where they attach.

You’ll want to get it all reattached or the car’s handling could be a little loosey-goosey.


I wanted to post a picture, but it’s not possible due to the lighting conditions. I did look up rear anti-roll sway bars, and this really looks like that. Is this expensive to fix, as in over $500?

Do You Have A Local Independent Mechanic ?

I think that could be put right for a fraction of that $500. The only drawback might be severe rust. If parts wore out and fell apart then it should be fairly routine. If parts tore out of weakened rusty body components then it’s going to be tough. Once up in the air, a mechanic could quickly tell what’s going on with it.

Is the car quite rusty or in pretty good shape ?


Thanks, everyone! I confirmed that it is the sway bar. Both bolts that held it on rusted, and the bar detached from whatever it was previously connected to. I found someone to come over, and they determined that they could easily reattach with new bolts. The individual confirmed that the actual bar is not rested. Your help has been awesome and much appreciated.

I would have the entire undercarriage inspected for RUST…