Sway bar


Hello, I have a 98 Pontiac Grand Am and I recently had the 2 front tires replaced and I was then informed that the sway bar was missing. I looked under the car in the back and I noticed that there was 1 piece of metal on the right and left sides just behind the rear wheels (I think were the remnants of the sway bar). This morning I heard a severe rattling noise and suddenly 3 pieces of metal flew off from under the car while I was driving it. I pulled over to check it out and I noticed that the right piece of metal that was behind the right wheel was missing.

Is this really the sway bar or could it be something else? I’m worried that’s an axel or something. If it is the sway bar, how much do you think that would cost the get replaced?


Please do not drive this vehicle until it’s looked at more carefully. For an antisway bar to have completely fallen off suggests that there may be serious rot or possibly damage. The bar is held on by a “link” at each end that connect it to the struts as well as two clamps in the middle that connect it to the frame.

You may also have damage to the peripheral area like the brake lines or struts. I suggest you get a thorough examination before going forth.

  • mountainbike