What is this rod hanging down under car?

That looks like a power steering line. The sub frame and ground are covered in oil, what system is failing, the power steering or the transmission?

Good eye @Nevada_545.
What ever it is, the car isn’t moving with a puddle that bug.


Looks more like bent steel to me. Maybe an anti roll bar?

I tried enlarging it and still couldn’t tell what it is, but I would not start the car until I figured it out. If it’s the drain for the AC system you’d be fine. If it’s a brake line you’d be screwed.

Try soaking some of the fluid up with a clean white rag, see what color and lubricity it is, and post back. That might help identify what’s hanging down. A closer photo would help too.

It’s hard to tell whether the end of the rod is on the ground behind the puddle or is above the puddle. I could convince myself that there is a drop on the end of the rod, so it could be a fluid-carrying tube.

It’s impossible to tell from the photo. But I thought that the color of the puddle might at least be a start on a direction to take.

Truth is, someone on-site will need to take a closer look. If it were mine I’d lift one side up onto jackstands, grab a worklight and a piece of cardboard, and slide under and look. It might just be a branch stuck under there.