Mercedes Hood Ornament/Emblem Identification

Hi there! I am hoping someone here can help. I was cleaning out a box of my late grandmother’s, and I came across this hood ornament for Mercedes. Since we are planning an estate sale, I would like to know what kind of Mercedes this may have come from. Is there any way to tell? Thank you in advance for your help! More photos here: Photos of Mercedes Hood Ornament

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An expensive one? :grinning:

Just kidding. Is there any sort of part number on it? My guess would be the same emblem was used on a variety of years and models.

A dealer parts person may know but doubtful. Just put 50.00 on it and if still not sold on last day just say make offer. It is an estate sale and people are looking for bargains.

Yes, a dealer parts person might know. You could also post this on a Mercedes forum, someone there might know. Did anyone own a Mercedes in your family?

There are no numbers on it, unfortunately.

Good idea! And you’re right, that’s probably what I’ll end up doing. Thanks!

That’s a good idea. And no! I have literally no idea why she had this lol! But she went to a lot of auctions, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was mixed up in a box lot she won at some point. Thanks!

These things (for various models, I don’t know about this exact one) sell fro $15-$50 on Ebay, so it’s not like it’s a rare find. But neat, anyway.

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It’s also called the MB version of a:


so they can get rid of those pesky Audi’s in front of them :smiley: .


I don’t know what years either but they were fairly common back in the 80’s and maybe since then. I think it is more of sentimental value than anything and I’d put it in the $10 swap meet category. When I got rid of my Olds for $200 after 480,000 miles, I kept the hood ornament and it’s mounted on my desk. I also have similar for my Riviera along with various dealer plates from the various cars over the years. Where they are exactly I’m not sure.

Oh that makes sense! Well I’ll just throw it out there at the estate sale at maybe $30 or $40 OBO and see what happens. If it hasn’t sold by the end of the sale, I’ll throw it up on eBay. Thanks all!

I see recent model Mercedes sedans all the time with a hood ornament poking up from the front center of the hood looking identical to that, in shape at least, can’t say the modern ones are that size. Not every M model has a poke up hood ornament, some models, the M emblem is flush with the body surface. Kids like to swipe the M surface mounted emblems around here, just do it as a gag as far as I know, as that style or emblem is probably easy to pry off. Maybe that’s the reason some folks prefer the pop up ornament models, the ornament is not quite as easy for the kids to steal.