Hood release latch/lever broken

The hood release latch (under the hood) is broken in out 05 monterey. The release lever inside the car works, its the latch or lever under the hood (Yellow color) that we pull/press to release the actual latch is broken. See attached image. Checked with a repair shop or parts store, nobody has it and suggested to go to a dealer. Is there any other option? How much will this cost at the dealer?

Hood Latch Assembly. P/N 16700. $63.58 At the FORD dealer.


i broke my release cable. dealer ordered new one. went to pic it up and it was the under hood part that you need. not the cable. whoops. i dont recall if they had to order the cable or not?

Thanks for the quick response Tester. Will check it out.

It might be worth checking salvage yards.

Could you just drill/screw/glue an extension on that stub?