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Found a hood ornament in the woods

I found this cool art deco hood ornament while working in the Washington Park Arboretum. Anyone know what car it might have come from?

Wow, that is pretty cool. If I found that, I’d put in on my own car!

I think it is from an Oldsmobile from 1949 or 1950.

These guys are really good.

I’m not sure at all but I’m thinking maybe a '54 Chevy. A late uncle of mine owned a couple of Chevys of this vintage way back when and it looks vaguely familiar.

It is from an old Oldsmobile.

My educated guess would be a 55 Bel Air

It’s an Oldmobile. Probably from around 48 or 49. Bel airs had twin wing-mounted tail fins rather than blended winglets.

Like @ok4450 said it’s from a '54 Chevy:

For more photos (LOTS more photos) go here:

Interesting! That’s almost a carbon copy of the one from a '48 Olds. Only the heads are different. Good call, @ok4450 and @texases.

I think it’s interesting this ornament seems to depict a plane with “winglets”, which have been around since 1910 but didn’t become popular until the '70s.