Thief tries to steal 6-inch-diameter Mustang emblem

At her Clearwater, Florida condominium complex, my friend goes to her car and her emblem falls off.
She suspects the thief was working on it just before she arrived.

She paid the $500 deductible and her insurance fixed the $1000+ damage.

Can themblem be attached withumb screws through the trunk wall so that she can easily remove it and safely store it in the trunk?
Then reattach when she drives the vehicle?

(I suggested attaching a photocopy with a magnet when parked.)

Thank you

Update: 2015 GT Anniversary Edition Mustang. Special emblem (fancy). Damage wascratches and where the rivet nails were ripped out of back trunk area.

No, that won’t work, the truck latch mechanism is in the way.

If she really wants to take this in at night, epoxy the emblem to a round piece of high force magnetic vinyl and stick that to the trunk every time she takes the car for a drive. It is more than strong enough to keep it in place and no so strong that is can’t be removed.

Or remove the emblem entirely and install this or similar. It’s cheaper than dent removal, re-paint and a new emblem…

Or get it fixed and assume if it ever happens again, install the blanking plate.

Thank you.

My other idea was to place a cover over themblemaking it appear cracked andamaged.

The low-life could easily return again.

Why? He didn’t get it the first time, did he? Why would he come back?

That’s the part that doesn’t make sense.

And who knows? the attempt may not even been at that location.

@Robert-Gift It seems that every post you make lately has words in it that are run together . I know that you can type so I suspect you are doing it on purpose for some strange reason.

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I guess anything is possible, but how’d it just fall off? Wouldn’t it have done that for the thief? And what was the damage? Might someone have backed into her?

Like this GT emblem? What year?

Her Mustang is parked outside.
She suspects thathe lowlife just about got if off her vehicle when he hid because someone (she) was coming down the stairs. She never saw the scum.

Until she had it reattached, I told her to keep themblem inside her condo in case he tried to find it iher car.

Here’s someone else with that problem:

Why do people take emblems? In remembrance maybe good or bad. Thanks for reminding me. When I sold my 480,000 mile Olds diesel, I snatched the hood emblem. I mounted it and it sits on my desk. Haven’t looked at it for a while but now I remember all the good times and pain. But I would never take anyone else’s. What would be the point?

Curious, what kind of damage was done? What year mustang?


That would be theft

And I’d like to think we’re all better than that

Now back from stat bloodeliveries.
2015 GT Anniversary Edition Mustang. Special emblem (fancy). Damage wascratches and where the rivet nails were ripped out of back trunk area.

The scum, I believe, damaged the surface around which themblem was mounted by trying to pry it off - she thinks with a screwdriver.

Maybe he intended to sell it.
She thinks she saw the man but never thought anything of it. Anyone can be walking anywhere.

Before I retired from the education field, I noticed that it had become fashionable for kids to attach their house keys to a Mercedes emblem, or the emblem/hood ornament of another upscale make of car. Without question, these emblems had been stolen somewhere along the line, by somebody.

I don’t know what their point might have been, but this was definitely a type of behavior that I observed.

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VW beetles had this crest that was easily Removed. Kids would attach them to their belt buckles.

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Been going on forever. I had the Cadillac crest hood ornament stolen from my Eldorado, no doubt for some kid’s necklace. My friends thought I was nuts for replacing it but I liked the way it looked and never got messed with again after that…

More or less, yes
When I was about 13, I discovered a section of our town’s dump where a bunch of old derelict cars had been towed after being removed from the street. I used to ride to the dump on my bike, equipped with a screwdriver and pliers, and would help myself to the badges and emblems of cars that interested me. Of course, some of the white metal emblems broke when I removed them, but the ones that survived intact were a nice decoration for my bedroom.

It wasn’t until that last couple of decades that I became aware of kids stealing these items from cars parked on the street.

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Surprised the new one was not stolen.

The low-life could return and take her reattached Mustang emblem. So I suggested making it appear damaged if she cannot remove and stow it somewhere safe.

Another friend boasts living in a Neighborhood Watch community.
Problem is, in every household bothusband and wife work. Who can watch?
Their townhomes have one window nexto the garage door facing the street.
Who happens to look outhe window and notice anything?

In my day, the popular item to steal from cars was “spinner” wheel covers. This was in the late 1950s.

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Spinner wheel covers did not come out just a few years ago?!
Ain’t never seen none afore. (Speaking Wyoming cowboy)

Whatever happened to the 3/4-inch blue lens inserted in brake lights?
Fascinating how they made the whole brake light appear purple from a distance!
Did one drill outhe plastic brake light cover to inserthe lens?