Mercedes E & S class region change 2021

Hello! Does anyone know how can I change the region of my 2021 E & S class from Europe to Middle East ? I am willing to pay via PayPal if someone will guide me through.

For the DVD or Navigation?

I believe you need to go to the dealer and have them update the firmware to the local region.

Navigation only, is there no other way at all ?

You might want to ask this on a MB forum, that’s a very specific question.

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It may be in your owner’s manual. Check it out if you haven’t already. Also, contact MB corporate offices if you’d rather not talk to a dealer.

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You have a very expensive vehicle that is still in the warranty period. Do you really want to take the advise of some stranger on the web that may cause some costly trip to the dealer to correct some bad advice ? Just call the dealer and tell them what you want .

I seriously doubt if anyone on this US based Forum has ever done this change.

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When I first tried to use the onboard Sat Nav system on my 2011 Outback, to my dismay it couldn’t seem to find any of the NJ or PA addresses that I inputted. Finally, in frustration, I went to the dealership and they explained that–by default–it was set for Washington, DC. They pointed to the onscreen map, where–sure enough–there was a truly tiny green spot denoting DC. It was so small that I never noticed it.

They showed me that, by simply pressing “change state”–or something to that effect–I would get a sub-menu which allowed me to change destination states very easily, and then inputting the desired destination address worked beautifully. And, the green highlighting of a state was very obvious–unlike the little dot denoting the default setting for DC.

There was no charge for the dealership’s help–except for a slight blow to my ego for not being able to figure it out on my own. However, the average 12 year old would probably have been able to figure it out very quickly. :wink:


You must update the Navigation system SD card for that region.

Navigation system SD card (