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2017 Mitsubishi Outlander - ich bin ein Outlander

Hi there. I have just bought an outlander 4h. The voice control is in German and I cannot understand what it is saying so that I can change it to English. HELP!!!

Use the setup feature ( instructions on how to use setup should be in your owners manual ) and it will let you select what you want. I did a goggle search and found videos on just how to do that. And if that fails surely a dealer can show you how.

Yes, but Mitsubishi dealerships are not exactly commonplace nowadays.
I live in the most densely-populated state, and I would have to drive 40 miles to reach the closest Mitsubishi dealership.

Of course the OP’s location is unknown and did they not do a test drive and play with all the bells and whistles to see what they do.

Awwww you said those dirty words. Now go wash your mouth out with soap.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The owners manual is not going to teach the customer how to read a German menu. It can be difficult scrolling though a series of menus that are in a different language. I have been able to guess my way though Spanish and French menus to make adjustments but not German.

yeah, car info systems are notoriously not user friendly, even in English. Takes me a lot of time just to change the clock, and I’m fairly computer savy.

It’ saying “Limburger and beer, Das good”!!!


I don’t remember which car but I do remember somehow changing one to French. It took a little button pushing but I managed to get it back. I used to have one of those translators that you could carry around. Put in the phrase and translate it to whatever. Or maybe gonna have to use google to at least get to the right page.

I live in a suburb of Buffalo NY and have 2 Mitsubishi dealerships closer to me than the 17 miles to where I bought my Toyota

If all else fails, every high school (just about) has a few German teachers. A cup of coffee and $20 to sit in your car for a minute should take care of it.

Any online translator should be able to get you fixed up.

Just hold the phone up to the display and see live translations. I am sure there is one for Android too.

● The more entries that are registered in the phonebook, the longer it will take to change the language.

Change the language using the “Language” command

  1. Press the SPEECH button.
  2. Say “Setup.”
  3. Say “Language.”
  4. The voice guide will say “Select a language: English, Spanish, French, German or Italian.” Say the desired language. (Example: Say “English.”)
  5. The voice guide will say “English (Spanish, French, German or Italian) selected. Is this correct?” Say “Yes” to start the language change process. Say “No” to return to Step 4.
  6. When the voice guide says “English (Espanol, Francais Deutsch or Italiano) selected,” the language change process will be completed and the system will return to the main menu.


System recognises the command that you said and changes the language

When the Hands-free Bluetooth® cellular phone interface system with voice recognition recognises a valid language command (English, Espanol, Francais, Deutsch, Italiano) from the main menu, it will ask you whether you want to change the language. This function works when you are on the main menu.

  1. The voice guide will say “Would you like to change the language to English (Spanish, French, German or Italian)?”
  2. If you say “Yes,” the voice guide will say “Please Wait, Switching to English (Spanish, French, German or Italian) Phonebook” and it will start the language change process. If you do not want to change the language, say “No.”
  3. When the voice guide says “English (Espanol, Francais, Deutsch or Italiano) selected,” the language change process will be completed and the system will return to the main menu.

But if it’s in the German mode, don’t you have to say “setup” and “language” in German?
Which google says is “Konfiguration” and “Sprache”.

One of the videos I found show what buttons to push and what icons to select to choose the language so I think even if the person can’t read the message the location should let them make the change.

Hi There.

Thanks for the info but when I press the speech button a German woman starts speaking and I don’t know what she is saying.


When she’s done talking, what happens if you say “Setup” then say “Language”
Then it talks again, when done you say “English”

Just curious , where are you located and where did you get the vehicle from ? Because I wonder why you can’t have the place you bought it from solve this for you.

Nothing happens. She says something about a password, she reats it twice then it goes quiet no matter what I say to it.