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Mercedes navigation system

I have a 2002 CLK. A navigation system was added, and although it tells me where I am via a map, I cannot get the nav system to talk to me. Also, I don’t know how to turn off the radio or CD system while keeping the nav system and the possible voice system talking to me. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks

You said, “A navigation system was added . . .”

Is the navigation system a Mercedes Benz system or is it an after market system?

It is aftermarket. It is a Bosch system. Does it make a difference? Linda

Was the Bosch system installed by a Mercedes dealer or did you do it yourself? How does it attach to the car? Is it now part of the stereo system? Is there a separate volume control? Is the volume turned down somehow?
Sorry I have more questions than answers . . .

You will need to locate an instruction manual for the Bosch navigation system and see if it offers a solution.

If this system was installed by a MB dealer, the dealer might be able to help.

The system was installed by my husband who has been working on cars (including several Mercedes) since the age of 12. I know it’s properly installed because he had it hooked up to the computer Mercedes has by aother Mercedes person who has one of those gizmos. It is attached via an antenna internally (because the car is a convertible). It is part of the stereo system, and it does have a separate volume control. The volume is one because I get a voice telling me to drive to the nearest road. My husband is really upset over all this, so I am trying to find some help on me own (I know practically nothing about cars). There was a suggeston to find a manual. I have the Mercedes manual for this thing, but it’s not very helpful. I will try to find one for Bosch. I really appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks so much

If you have the model number for the Bosch aftermarket system just plug it into google. I found several manuals with free downloads in PDF form but you need the exact model number to get the right one.

Thank you so much for the info. I will do that.

Didn’t you get a manual with the GPS? It might be on a CD rather than paper. It seems to me that a large company like Bosch would provide an installation manual and a user’s manual. And they should have one on line in their support section.