Is it possible to upgrade the navigation system on a Mercedes Benz 2000 S500 online or otherwise. Download the upgrade to disks and load yourself or we need Benz technicians to do it for us?

What makes you think your unit can be up-graded?? Benz likes to keep this stuff proprietary…

First, you need to find out how to access the GPS unit, then you need to find out what mapping format the unit uses. Good Luck…

I assume you mean ‘updated’, with a new disk, not a software ‘upgrade’. Do you not have the manual? Have you called a dealer’s service dept?

I have called a dealers and they are telling me $246 for a ten set disk. I haven’t peruse online yet I thought I would ask in case someone else had done it to date. Yes I do mean “update”. If they had then they might tell me how. It seems I might have to purchase the disk from someone who has used them if they can be re-used. Thanks

Check ebay.