Mercedes Benz Command Navigation System

Help! I live in Germany and drive a 2005 US Spec 320CLK Cabriolet complete with a Command Navigation System; however, there are NO European maps available. I would love to take advantage of this option and welcome any suggestions.

You might look up the number for Mercedes Headquarters and ask if they have an upgrade for EU roads. If headquarters doesn’t have any, then you’ve got an expensive little ‘do-nothing’.
I’m not sure about aftermarket though, if you have any kind of speed shop(place where people go to upgrade car’s performance) ask them.

Some of the Euro spec Command systems would work in the US using the US CD, but apparently not vice versa.
You will need to change out your US spec system for a Euro spec system. Your US spec system definitely has value in the US. Try and sell it on Ebay in the US to help cover the costs of the Euro spec system.