Mazda MPV Power Sliding Door

2002 Mazda MPV Right PSD will not open or close using any switch. When a right switch is pressed a constant beeping sounds until the door power switch is selected off. The left door operates normally.

Trouble codes 19,21 and 42 for right door.

Took the interior off the right side hoping to find a bad ground wire, no luck.

Took the negative battery terminal off for 30 minutes hoping to reset the logic, no luck.

Is there a simple switch that needs to be reset so the logic gets corrected. The door operates manually. The soft close motor does not engage for the last few inches either. If the door power switch is on and the door right door handle is used to open the door the constant beeping happens again.

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This is where a Factory Service Manual is valuable. Iam sure there is a whole chapter on sliding door troubleshooting and door initalization. There are procedures like pulling fuses and opening the door by hand,all different kinds of procedures.

oldschool makes a good point.

I don’t know those codes which make locating the fault easier.

The beeping means the door is NOT closed tight.

I don’t know for certain how your MVP is set up, but my OLDS Silhouette has the power sliding door motor and cable connection behind the right rear wall trim. They made mine a bit easier to check by incorporating an inspection door. (WOW eh?)

There are adjustments that can be made if you have the manual to tell you what and where they are.

Before you attempt a trim removal, use a can of electrical contact cleaner (not WD-40) on the electrical contacts on the leading edge of the door and also the ones on the door post.

While the door is open, ensure there are NO foreign objects (kids toys, etc) lodged in the bottom roller track.
If there is anything stuck in there, the door will NOT close.

Please post back here when you have the results.

Trouble codes 19,21,42 all refer to a bad open circuit but reading on and looking at the *, CHECK THE FUSE!
I assumed as I was getting a warning signal power was getting to the door. Replaced the blown fuse and all is well.
I decided to check the fuse(I know always check the fuse first) after reading “The Chicago Tribune” Auto Letters column June 22. The writer complained that a dealer wanted $348 for a new door latch on his power sliding door because of a "sticking " issue. The writer decided to go to an independent that replaced a blown fuse for free and his problem went away
Thanks for your inputs, now what about my power seat problem, I checked the fuses on that!

Hmmmm, looks like I didn’t answer your sliding door problem very well, lets see what damage I can do this time.

Before we go there, what caused the fuse to blow in the first place? Weak mass produced fuse or a short?

What doesn’t the seat do that it is supposed to? Power going to it at all?

Some powered seats stop due to a loose electrical connection in the wiring plugs under the seat.

FYI, these poor connections can also be the source of air bag lights to come on the dash.
Remember, when that light is on the airbag system won’t work.

The repositioning movement of the drivers seat loosens the connecting plugs. I have side air bags in my front seats and because the wife and I are constantly moving the seat back and forth, the light (used to) periodically come on while driving.

The first time I saw the light on I wondered what the fault was. Just for chuckles I moved the seat ahead then back and VOILA! the light went off.

I took the plugs apart, sprayed them with electrical contact cleaner, added a tiny bit of dielectric grease, plugged them back together and have had no problems since.

I am having the exact same problem with my sliding door. I was wondering if you have found a solution.

Thank you, Michelle

Thank you so much for this fix! I had the exact same problem and after reading this post, I checked my fuses and indeed the one responsible for the power sliding door was burnt out! I replaced the fuse and now the door works perfectly!

You just saved me about $300 of troubleshooting costs from the dealer.

I have Mazda MPV 2004 and have same problem with the rear power sliding door. As I understand, the problem can be fixed by replacing FUSES!
I plan to order / buy these fuses from the auto store. Can anyone tell me what to order? i.e. part number etc and how many of them?
Thanks In Advance!