Sliding power doors problems, would not work electronically

Both the sliding power doors of our van are not responding to the push of all buttons. We have to open and close manually by pushing the doors, which are heavy. We have checked to see if there is anything apparent that may not work, but we did not find. May it be all the motors went dead at the same time? We need help, thank you.

Check the fuses or fusible links to make sure they did not burn out.

There may be a fuse in an underhood fuse/relay box that works with the sliding doors.

Under the lid you will see a list which indicate the one it is. Sometimes removing the fuse and waiting a minute then reinstalling it will reset the door.

Thank you every one for your responses. We tried to check the fuse, but it did not help. We even bought a new fuse at Auto zone, it did not help, auto-zone took it back. Should I buy the fuse from Toyota dealer?

We appreciate your help.

Getting another fuse isn’t going to help here. Since both doors are not working it would seem logical that there is a power problem rather than both doors having a problem, like bad motors.

If you are going to work on this yourself I suggest you get a factory service manual, for the wiring at least, to have as a reference guide. It will show you how things are wired so you can check things out in a logical order. Getting a manual and a tester will be a good investment and save you money in repairs.

Thank you very much. I do not have enough mechanical or technical skills to repair them myself, I think after having this information, I may go to a mechanical shop to discuss with them.

Do you think I should go to a Toyota dealer?

Thank you for your help.

Any good shop should be able to fix the trouble for you.

Thank you very much. We really appreciate your advice, we will look for a shop which is recommended by the car talk show.

I am having the same troubles. I have read that since these doors are powered thru wire harnesses. Some times the wire breaks down from the constant flexing. Copper wire is great until you bend too much. They do sell these harnesses for my 2005 Town and Country. Don’t know about Sienna, but might be worth checking.

The doors move via steel cables powered by stationary electric motors, there is not a harness being flexed. Typicaly when the door is closed there is a contact plate that makes it possible for in the door speakers and switches to work.

My power sliding door work is primairly with the GM Venture mini Van but I can’t see a completely different technique used by Toyota.

If you wanted to close a open sliding door and not use the remote you pressed a fixed switch on the “B” pillar, I can’t picture a harness between the sliding door and the car body at all.

If this van has an overhead switch display check to see if the sliding door override switch is turned off.

It may have been turned off inadvertently.