Mazda MPV Power Doors

The sliding power doors (both passenger and driver)on my 2003 MPV will not open automatically, using any of the buttons or switches. All of these switches (including the keyless entry), though, will close the doors automatically. Strangely, though, when I am parked on any type of incline, the power doors will open! I have cleaned the door contacts, and checked the ROOM fuse (but not replaced it with a new one…why would it work for closing but not opening?), to no avail. I asked two Mazda mechanics about this, but neither had ever seen this problem before (and said I had to bring it in for $160 evaluation, not including parts). Any ideas, before I have to shell out the bucks?

From your post I’m going to suggest there MAY be a power loss to the power door actuator motor, or perhaps a faulty control module.