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2002 MPV Right sliding power door won't close

Our right side power door won’t close unless once it’s open we physically get out and push the door part way and then push the power button. (Sometimes this works and sometimes it takes 2 or 3 attempts) Plus if we switch the door to manual it only opens half way. Can you suggest a fix? Thank you

it’s me again - I would also be happy with knowing how to turn off the automatic feature and just use the doors manually. As I mentioned though when I switch the door to the manual setting it only opens half way and I have to tug really hard to get it closed.

You’re going to have to inspect the door module and the motor and cable.

This can be a exasperating experience and one I wouldn’t recommend you try unless shown how.

Cleaning the electrical contacts on the leading edge of the sliding door and post will not fix this problem. (It wouldn’t hurt to clean them anyway)

Thank you for your reply. We realize it would be an expensive fix. So we’d be happy to just use the door manually. Any suggestions on how to do that? As I mentioned before when we turn off the power supply switch the door won’t move.

Very little is cheap today.

Make sure the bottom roller track is clear.

Permanent solution would be to disconnect it from the motor and door.

If you don’t feel comfortable attempting this (The Haynes repair manual shows how) take it to a mechanic.