Can't open front passenger door on 2004 Mazda MPV

My front passenger door on a 2004 MPV won’t open. The lock button only moves slightly and neither the outside or inside door handles will work. The dealer wants me to replace the door latch assembly. How can I open the door? Has anyone had similar problems? Do I have to replace the entire door latch assembly ($275)?

Find someone with a slim jim and the knowledge how to find the lock mechanism in the door.

Once open you can remove the panel to investigate further.

We can’t see it from here to advise whether or not to replace the entire door latch assembly.
FYI, the dealer suggests this because they want to make money selling you parts you may NOT need.
There’s been NO diagnosis made.

Why are you going to a dealer? Find a good reputable independent shop, you’ll be much further ahead.

I have seen this type of thing go as far as cutting the door panel off and replacing the latch/actuator assembly(not on your make but BMW) and not just one event.With the blessing of Technical Assistance.