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Mazda miata

Does anyone know how to adjust the side mirrors on my 92 miata?

I assume you have power mirrors. There should be two controls, one for the mirror direction and one to select which mirror you want to adjust. The second control has a neutral position that keeps your mirrors from moving should you accidently hit the button that controls the direction.

That Information And Much More Should Be In The Car’s Owner’s Manual. If You Don’t Have One For The 92 Miata, It Would Behoove You To Obtain One And Become Familiar With Its Contents.


You can get owners manuals online from If that’s too techy for you, stop the next Miata you see going past you and ask the driver to show you.

WW, I Don’t Think You Can Go Back To 1992 At Mazda USA.


Try ebay. It usually has a good selection of used manuals.

I have a '92 Miata with manual mirrors. To adjust, grab the mirror and twist it. It may have to be “jiggled” a bit to start moving.

Good luck and enjoy :slight_smile: