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Blind spot

Are you guys blind spotted or what?

Guy call about a Mazda with blind spot electronic detection. You love the idea and is on the 10 things new cars need.

I have my mirrors set as per your original instructions, 03-05?, about moving your head,this before starting out, to the widow and …You know the rest.

Why wouldn’t you continue to educate , in this case mirror adjustment to eliminate the “blind spot” . Its like the blind spot is genetic. like a nose, hey everybody has one.I don’t. I followed the Car Talk Guys instructions on how to get rid of the blind spot.

Or are you on the car advancement committee?

When are you going to have amory lovins on the show. Lets kick it up a notch boys. You won’t live for ever and you could actually help, deliver us.

I will be one of you six loyal listeners as long as you continue to hit for average.


Mike Robinson , Stillwater , just up the road from mr. block in MPLS

Click and Clack don’t write to this blog. And, this is the ‘Repair and Maintenance’ section. Comments like this belong under ‘The Show’ section.

mirrors help some, but, depending on the vehicle, might not help much. I know several newer vehicles seem to have overly large pillars in between the windows, and this can make seeing anything very difficult

Mike here the first poster.

Not the right section? ok I’ll spam the show section too.

as to pillars. I don’t think they matter. If you have three mirriors you use those. You don’t have to turn your head just look in the mirror. A car passing you or just off your rear quarter panel shows in the mirror. Think of the outside mirrors as side view mirrors not rear view. The rear view is the one in the car.

I’ve been using adjustable convex “fisheye” mirrors for years. I wouldn’t be without them.

All good things do not need to be made mandatory. If it’s a truely good idea for every vehicle, the marketplace will make it available on every vehicle.