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Side-View Mirrors: MIA!

Both side-view mirrors on my car fell off a few months ago. I have called everywhere I can think of, and no one has replacement side-view mirrors for the 2004 Saab 9-5. They have 2003 and 2005, but none for 2004, and they are on a year’s backorder through Saab! It’s literally just the mirrors that fell off; the rest is all still there. Does anyone have any ideas of where I could get these replacement mirrors?

Try this site: and

They handle redi cut mirrors that can be installed easily.

Also call around to junk yards.

Cut or have some cut. It must be just like cutting glass

I guarantee you that someone has at least two of them. What is unique about the 2004 mirrors that you can’t use mirrors from another year?

If by “the rest is still there” you mean that the glass fell out of the mirror, go to a glass shop. A glass shop can cut a new piece of glass for you that will fit the mirror. I had the same problem with my 1978 Oldsmobile some years back. The right hand glass fell out of the mirror and broke. I ordered the glass through the Oldsmobile dealer and it was rather expensive. When I peeled the paper off the adhesive, it wouldn’t stick. I took it to the body shop at a local Chrysler dealer. He said that he had a man coming to replace a windshield that afternoon and he would have the person fix my mirror. The body shop didn’t charge me a thing–said I had paid too much already. The manager advised me that if it happened again, just come see him and he would have the glass shop where he did business cut me another mirror.

I hate to tell you this, but chances are if you didn’t witness your mirrors actually fall off of your car, and shatter into a million pieces as you were driving down the road, then someone simply walked up, and popped the mirrors free of your car, and took them home with them.

Some mirrors are very easy to pop free, and people can just walk up to those cars in the parking lot, and replace their stolen mirrors with another person’s mirrors in about 5 seconds.


So who stole the first mirrors, and why?

If a rear-view mirror allows you to see to your rear, why do some call side mirrors “side-view” mirrors? I can see perfectly well to my side without a mirror.

The mirrors were not stolen; I saw them both fall off and break. I think the adhesive was not very strong in the first place. I’ve called many dealerships and mechanics around the area and there is nothing! I also called Portland Glass and they said they could cut mirrors for the 2003 and 2005 models, not the 2004. It’s very bizarre!

Drives me batty too as a 35 year auto parts man.
Side mirror, not side view mirror.

Kind of a strange all in one description & explanation as to which of the three mirrors is being refered to, inside one or outside two…HOWEVER ;
Left side mirror.
Right side mirror.
Inside mirror.
are correct.
Plus, there are vanity or sun visor mirrors too.

So deeply ingrained in ths mis-speak of novice diy-ers that I’ve even argued with one about which of the mirrors he wanted to buy.
“the REAR view mirror” he defensively blasted back at me.
“all THREE of them are rear view mirrors” I specifically restated to him.
“THE REAR VIEW mirror” he yelled motioning up with his right hand ( Yes, I gathered by now he meant the inside mirror but…)
“Oh, you want the INSIDE mirror” I repeated coyly ( “rear view” & “mirror” are redundant ) as I told him the price.

How many colors of red can a customer get ?

Any glass shop should be able to cut and shape any mirror.
Granted you won’t get the convex for the right side but it’ll be a mirror.

I can’t recall if it was Redi Cut or not but I ordered one for my Buick from an outfit in Michigan. It fit perfectly and for around $20 including shipping. Just google replacement mirror lens and you’ll find a source.

How is the description hard to understand? I’m not a DIY-er, nor did I pretend to be. I’m glad that you could use this forum asking for help to have a little rant to help yourself feel better. Thanks but no thanks–I’ll figure it out for myself, I suppose. And hopefully the person who helps me will be far less self-righteous.

Thank you!! This is the first good lead I’ve gotten! I appreciate it.

"Drives me batty too as a 35 year auto parts man.
Side mirror, not side view mirror. "

If you had just phrased it correctly, someone with experience in the parts game would have helped you.

Haha! Lots of mouth breathers out there who get surly pretty quick…and yeah, I agree with you!

Try Dorman Products from a parts store like NAPA or BIG A.

If worse comes to worse you might need to buy the complete mirror assembly.

have glass cut was a good answer and 3 different ppl recommended it you ungrateful blankety blank

If a rear-view mirror allows you to see to your rear, why do some call side mirrors “side-view” mirrors?..because those involved in the industry tend to be very specfic on terms, jargon and specific names. Laymen are not that specific and no one should expect them to be.

Question, what do you call the glass opposite the windshield?

I can see perfectly well to my side without a mirror…true, but it is difficult to see the guy hanging onto your quarter that wont pass you without one.