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Front Windows (Spooky)

Tom & Ray

My wife & I bought a new 2008 MKX. In the approximately year & half we’ve had the car I have gone out in the morning 4 different times and found the front windows down. I always check every evening to see that they are locked and besides that we never roll the windows down. I have discounted neighbors remote controls, I don’t think the windows work on that kind of system. Any suggestions.



You should check, I think they do work that way if you hold down a button on the key fob.

it’s probably your transmitter, not your neighbors. If you have it in your pocket and keys press and hold the unlock button, in many newer cars the windows will roll down.

There’s an easy way to test the key FOB theory. Hang the keys by the door when you come in for a week and see if the problem disapears.

“I don’t think the windows work on that kind of system.”

Why speculate? Read your owner’s manual. It will tell you that your windows will roll down if you hold the unlock button down on the remote for a few seconds, or if you put the key in the door and hold it in the unlock position for a few seconds. The windows will roll up if you put the key in the door and hold it to the lock position for a while.

I wonder what other features that your MKX has that you don’t know about?

Thanks guys for the info, I think your suggestions will correct things. I’ve always carried several key rings & a pocket knife in my pocket. Keys will now be hung by the door. Tardis, I went out yesterday & got my owners manuel & will be reading it.

thanks again