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Electrical problems

strange electrical problem in my 2005 mini cooper. Roof and car windows roll down on their own when the car is OFF and parked. Battery changed & computer re-set but still happening. Anyone have a clue on what else to check ???

My best guess is that your car has a feature that enables you to open the sunroof and the windows via the remote control. If it does have that feature, and if you are in the habit of keeping the remote in your purse, pressure from other objects crammed into the purse are probably pressing the buttons and causing the sunroof and windows to open.

Either that, or someone is “Gaslighting” you. (see movie lore for an explanation of that reference)

When all else fails, read the Owner’s Manual. See what your manual says about the functions of the remote control.

My key when not in use is always on a table by itself - the right side up - as someone else also suggested that. Thanks anyway.

Not many people have the knowledge, information, or ability to do much with this problem. The battery and computer re-set have nothing to do with it.
The wiring could be checked that goes to and from the window motor and window switch. One place to look is at the door frame where the bundle of wires goes through the hole to the door. This wire bundle gets flexed every time the door is opened or closed. Examine this wire bundle for frayed wiring. Other than this, you need an automotive electrician.

Your car has a “global open” feature on the windows. It’s supposed to open them all if you put the key in the door and hold it in the unlock position. Sometimes water gets to the switch contacts inside the door and it can cause this problem. Have that switch checked and replaced. Otherwise, it could be a short somewhere else on the global open signal wire. It won’t be the wiring to the window motors or the window switches. A short there would affect just one window, not all of them. Have the global open circuit checked out.