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Malfunctioning turn signal

I have a '98 Jeep Wrangler with various problems, but the most recent one has to do with the turn signals. When I intentionally use them, they seem to be working, but when I haven’t signaled I still hear the ticking sound, only double-time. The sound is normal when I turn the signal on, and only stops when I apply the brake. I recently took the top off and left the Jeep uncovered in a couple of storms. Could this have caused electrical damage? Also, the left turn signal has required some finesse for as long as I’ve had the car–I’ve always needed to fiddle with it to get it to turn on–so I’m wondering if it’s a wire connection that has deteriorated over time. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

It sounds like a bad multi-function switch. The multi-function switch is the stalk on the side of the steering column with the turn signal, wiper, and headlight controls. The reason applying the brakes effects the turn signals is because the emergency flasher circuit passes thru the multi-function switch. And the emergency flashers use the same filaments in the rear bulbs for the turn signals and the brake lights.


I suspect the trouble may be with the emergency flasher circuit. Try cycling the switch a few times to see if the trouble clears. I suspect the circuit is seeing the switch is turned on even though it isn’t really and since it isn’t closed the lights don’t flash but the flasher unit is working. You could also try disconnecting the plug to the switch to see if that stops the trouble though that might not be positive proof the switch is the culprit since the turn signals are also tied through it. I’m reasonably sure though the trouble is with the flasher switch.

first things first check all the bulbs. but i think Tester might be on to something