Make & Model option in menu near top not working for me


I’m a totally new user here… When I try to select “Make & Model” near the top (to the left of Latest, New, Unread, Top) I don’t notice anything happening. Should something happen? Some options appear for narrowing a search? Is it temporarily out of order? Never did/does anything? Or am I not noticing something that results from selecting that?
Thanks for any help


What is it you are trying to do ?


Thanks for asking. I’m trying how to learn how to use discourse forum software effectively as a neophyte administrator of another site. Trying to understand how to use tags, I came across this tutorial which uses Car Talk’s make and model tags as an example:
But when I come here to try to see that in action…there’s no action that’s apparent to these old eyes.


others seem to be having no problem. What is your computer, OS, and browser?


Windows 10… I’ve tried Chrome and MS Edge.
What should happen when I select that button?


It seems that you should be contacting Discourse directly . I don’t understand how you can use their program with out permission.

@cdaquila Hey Carolyn, Bat Signal time again.


Apparently nothing .


I’m not sure what you mean by “with out permission”. Could you explain? I am a registered user here. And pay to use discourse forum software elsewhere.


I guess I am missing something . Doesn’t Discourse have customer help ? I don’t think any of the programmers for Discourse read all of the posts here.


My impression is that the Site Feedback section of this site is for pointing out potential problems with how this site works, etc… I’m trying to figure out whether the Make & Model button near the top of this particular site is supposed to do something when one selects it. If so what it is that it’s supposed to do. I’m reporting that nothing happens when I try to select it. I’m guessing that it’s there for a reason and originally served some useful function.
If it used to work, but now doesn’t for me at least perhaps that’s a site configuration issue… or perhaps a user/browser configuration issue… or perhaps a bug in a recent update to the forum software…
When you write “apparently nothing” did that mean that when you select Make & Model also, nothing visible happens? Thanks.


I get no change when I click on Make and Model. When I click on the other choices, it sorts and filters the posts. I suppose Make and Model is supposed to allow you to filter posts based on Make and Model, but there should be an intermediate menu to give you Make and then model choices. It doesn’t matter to me because I don’t care to sort on Make and Model.

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I only use the 'Latest ’ button because I don’t care about posts after a day or so. I don’t sort anything.


Thanks, that’s helpful.


Ah, ok. I’d probably normally do the same.


The make and model search feature has not been functional for a few weeks.

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I’m using an iPad, iOS 12.1. The make and model tab does not work for me either. When I tap it, it changes color but nothing else happens.

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It doesn’t work for me; I use Linux. It used to.


Thanks. When it did work, did it first show a list of makes and then after selecting one of those you’d see a list of the models for that make? Or did it instead initially show a list of all makes and models?


Hello, I was not aware the function wasn’t working. I have sent your thread along to our web producers. Thank you for pointing out the issue.


Good to see they have it fixed now.