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Announcing New Feature!

Hi Everyone,

Good news!

I’m very happy to announce the arrival of a new feature to the Car Talk Community. We hope it will help you get the information you need to both give and receive answers to all your repair and maintenance questions.

By popular demand, there is now a make/model drop-down box built into the Create a Discussion form. We have been working on implementing such a feature for quite some time.

The Make/Model drop-down appears under the Discussion Question field. By entering the make and model, or just the make, you will provide useful information to other members. Entering this information is entirely optional, but we strongly encourage you to include it so other members can more quickly and clearly help you with your problem. Your question will be tagged with the make and model info in gray below the question box.

As always, we folks at Car Talk Plaza are grateful for your ongoing support and contributions to the discussions in the CTC. You’re a great resource, and we do our best to take your suggestions to improve the community.

Thanks for all your hard work!

All my best,


CTC Cyberbabe, It Looks Great And I Hate To Complain (Not Entirely True), But What About “Model Year”? That Is Often Very Important.

Make, Model . . . Pow!
Make, Model, Year . . . BOOM!

Many problems are specific to vehicles of a certain year or years. Is it possible to add that?


A Brief Quiz

Please fill in the blanks.

[list] [/list] Larry, Moe and _________.

[list] The Ni?a, _________ and the Santa Mar?a.[/list]

[list] Fuel, compression, and __________.[/list]

[list] __________, liberty and the pursuit of hapiness.[/list]

[list] Make, model and __________[/list].


It’s a good idea that you did that, but I suspect it will take a while for people to notice that the information is there because it’s not really obvious. For an example, see:

“Hello, Joe’s Auto Parts, Joe Speaking, Can (May) I Help You?”

“I need a gas cap for my Maybach b[/b] Landaulet b[/b].”

"Let’s see . . . here they are . . .Oh, there’s two listed, a vented one and a non-vented one, . . . "
“What ____ b[/b]is it?”


What about the fact that “Repair and Maintenance” is the default selection for forums? Why not make the user also manually select the appropriate forum?

It’s nice that you are adding features, but it would be even better if you fixed the problems first, and then added more features.

Yes, the make, model, and YEAR need to be displayed more prominently.

The folks at Car Talk plaza seem to have employed the services of a web programmer, but not a web designer. Programmers usually make lousy designers.

: common sense answer 07/10/2009 8:47:38 AM

Top 250 Contributor
Re: Lexus RX330 brake lights access

This question came in on 7/10/09 and used the new Make/Model feature.

“I need to replace the brake light bulbs, but Lexus has completely covered the access. Does anyone have any idea how to get to these bulbs?”

My Response:
What Model Year Is This Lexus RX330? Let Me Know And I’ll Try And Look It Up.


Is anyone paying attention? Are you there Cyberbabe?

Homer Simpson would have to say, d’oh!!!