Support Question: CarTalk Discourse Theme, Make & Model combo box

Hey how are you? I am a visitor and I really like your Community site. I have one question please if you’d like to share with me, I would like to make a combo box similar to your Make & Model combo box. Is it something that you specifically designed for your website, or is it a feature/theme component that can be used by Discourse users?

Thank you so much!

This seems like a Web Lacky question… @cdaquila on re-direct, maybe?

I posted it on Site Feedback because it’s really not related directly to CarTalk. Thanks @Mustangman !

thanks @Mustangman.

@G2021, thank you for visiting. this was a feature that had been developed prior to our migration to Discourse, and I believe is custom. Are you running a Discourse-based community?


Hey you are welcome! It’s the first time to visit a forum about cars, but at least I shared my dream car in the profile picture. :grin:

Yeah I’m learning to use Discourse, and it’s kind of part of my job. If it’s custom then I can’t ask for more I guess, but thanks so much!! :pray:

Best of luck.

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Thanks, I need it. :smiley: For both the car and the combo box :stuck_out_tongue:

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