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Maintaining plastic trim on 2017 Toyota RAV4

Our 2017 RAV 4 Limited in Red has black plastic trim around each fender well and along the bottom of the doors. Bumpers also have this same black plastic on it. What should I use on it to keep the black plastic trim looking good?

I like a product called “Back to Black” That product and similar are available in the wax aisle at any auto parts store or department store.

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Good to know I have a lot of that black plastic on my new 2020 Durango .

I bet you end up with a long list of suggested products here. My suggestion is 303 Automotive (or Aerospace) Protectant.

My '04 Avalanche has a ton of that black plastic. I go through a LOT of it.

I just use generic armor all type product, whatever is the cheapest. Last 10 years I’ve been using stuff from the dollar store. My truck is 25 years old, plastic still looks good, my dash started getting cracks last 2 years though. I put it on the window rubber and it’s still in fine shape.