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Black plastic trim turned white. Anything to make it black again longer than until a first rain?

My 2006 Pathfinder has some of black plastic moldings weathered to grey/white color.

Applying “Black again” type of dressing makes them look much better, but only until the first rain or wash.

I recall I’ve heart it is some “stuff” to apply for much more permanent results, but do not recall what that product was.

Anybody had good experience fixing weathered black plastic trim parts?

I smear Armor-All on black plastic, and then don’t wipe it off. The next day I do it again, then on the third day I rub it off. Don’t get it on the glass or paint because it makes a mess. Things go better if you wear a rubber glove, put a drop or two in your finger and rub it in that way. Use plenty.

SEM makes a spray vinyl coating that works well on plastic and even vinyl roofs. Places like NAPA carry a few bumper paint colors but you can get just about any color if you know the color to order. I got mine and the color chart to match through in Oklahoma. You can probably get it other places but you don’t know what color until you buy the color chips if the color is critical which it was for me.

Could not find SEM coating specifically for vehicle trim.

I’m a little bit hesitant to go with any kind of “coating”, as some users complaint about other coating products it might fall off in patches, giving it much worse look…

I’m considering now next two:

Just to kill time I put ’ restore black plastic car trim ’ in my search engine. Lots of video’s on making the black trim look good again.

I tried “Black again” before: it makes it look nice… for a week or two, or until it rains, then you get back to the same state, only with streaks from running dressing :frowning:

Going with re-painting trim is probably the best performance-wise to go on plastic, but for small pieces it involves way too much masking and/or disassembly, I’ve grown too lazy to do that :slight_smile:

Really, I’m trying to find something where I could apply it 1-2 times a year maximum. That TriNova one looks promising specifically on that criteria.