Bumper paint for steel bumper

I can’t find ‘bumper paint’ such as I used about 10 years ago, only ‘trim and bumper paint’ which looks like it’s meant for those plastic things people call bumpers (God knows how). Is it the best stuff to use for my 30-year-old Toyota pickup’s steel rear bumper? The finish wears out in new places, leaving the metal unprotected. I sanded and primed it (Duplicolor rust-treatment primer); now I want to paint it black ('cause it has a red door.)

Let’s see, a question like this could be answered at a Sherwin-Williams paint store or a place that sells automotive paint with a simple phone call.

No offense, but you clearly do NOT know what a bumper is

“those plastic things people call bumpers” are not the actual bumper . . . they’re just the bumper skin

The actual bumper is underneath


For a 30 year old metal bumper, just use a heavy bodied paint like Rust Oleum-spray, brush, etc. If it is a plastic cover and want to match some of the OEM paint colors, you can get the SEM bumper cover paint at NAPAs that carry auto paint products. Or you can order it from Atrim out of Oklahoma somewhere.

Didn’t you make your last visit to this site in January 2013? Is your blood pressure too low, so you came back?

Whew! :relieved: Good for them! They look awfully unsafe.

In the context of the question I asked, the pictures accompanying the products that call themselves ‘bumper paint’ and their manufacturers’ web pages show what looks like bumper skins (didn’t know that word; I thought they were facades; I’ve seen them broken: they looked like plastic.) but said the paint was for bumpers. I was using the word they seem to be using.

The bumper paint that I have seen is for plastic bumper covers.

For truck bumpers I have used general purpose exterior spray paint like Rust Oleum.

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I spray painted mine flat black and clear coated it. Looked nice and glassy.