2005 Ford Expedition - Interior Plastic Discoloration

I have only one problem with my brute Expedition which I will keep forever (I’m 82). The plastic trim at the bottom of the front doors is lighter in color than the rest of the plastic trim. Even when I soak it in some kind of chemical like Armor -All it lightens up in a few minutes. It looks like crap. Why is this happening?

Because it is plastic. Most plastics will do that over time. You can paint it after cleaning with alcohol. There are internet sources for matching paint for plastic trim. Or you can see if Ford still sells it and replace it.

I realize plastic will change color overtime but this is only happening to do two front doors and that is significant. The rest of the plastic is subjected to the same elements yet it remains the same as if it were new.Thank you.

So different suppliers? Either live with it or fix it. It does no good to worry about plastic discoloring on a 14 year old vehicle.