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Maint Req'd Light blinks after starting more than usual

99 Accord,

The little yellow “Maintenance” light started blinking longer than usual after starting the engine, but it does go out. I’m certain this is the maintenance light, not the CEL.

Do I need to just reset the light? Thanks


That is usually for oil change. The owner’s manual will state how often it comes on. Are you up to date with the oil changes? Maybe they did not reset it when you had your last oil change. Also the owner’s manual will tell you how to reset that light. It usually involves turning the ignition to one position and holding the odo reset button.

98 to 02 Accord the maintenance light will blink 7,000 miles after last reset and stay on solid 7,500 miles after last reset. This is your oil change reminder light.

To reset it you need to do the following:
1- With the car OFF press and hold the odometer reset button
2- Turn the car on and continue pressing the reset button
3- After 10 seconds release the reset button

The next time you start the car the light will not flash.

Good luck

Thanks everyone,

My oil was changed within the last 2k, I go to an independent garage for my O/C so they probably didn’t bother with it.