Honda accord maintenance light flashing

I have a 2002 Honda accord SE. It has about 194,850ish miles on her. The maintenance required light starts to flash when I turn on the car and then the light stops flashing after a bit.
Any one know what it means?

I checked for any codes and there’s nothing. My oil is a bit low, but not at the marker. My next due for an oil change says 195,300ish.
I’ve never seen it flash before.

What does your Owner’s Manual have to say regarding this situation?
I would be extremely surprised if this topic was not covered in the manual.

Any number of things. As said above you need to look in the owners manual. If you do not have one you get it it free online.

Flashing light usually means a serious problem, too serious to drive. But the fact that it goes away may be a mitigating circumstance. Check the manual and see what it says.

It could, for example, mean that one cylinder is missing but is OK when it warms up. You should get it checked.


Have it checked ASAP. Your code reader or who ever used one…may not have a good one that reads the codes stored in the history.
Don’t go to an auto parts store to read the codes, go to a mechanic with a good code reader.

Flashing is serious, do it now.


You sure it’s not the CEL light? Most new cars do have a maintenance due light. Heck, even my new Prius has a check engine light. But it also has a message center with short sentences for issues.

The flashing maintenance light indicates the next 7,500 mile service is less than 1,500 mile away. The maintenance light will stay on when the 7,500 mile service is due or over due.

Mine flashes every time I start the motor when I get within 500 miles of the next oil change. If I ignore it and go to the limit, it illuminates steadily.

Reading the owner’s manual could have answered the question

Assuming OP even has the owner’s manual, or can find it