2001 honda accord maintenance light

at around 55000 milles the maintenance light came on. what is the required maintenance and how do i reset it

That info should be in the Owner/ Maintenance manual that came with the car.

If it’s the “Maintenance Reminder Light”, it’s to remind you to change the motor oil.
If it’s the engine outline symbol, it’s time to do some other engine repair.

we bought the car used and did not come with owner manual

It is an oil change reminder. Press and hold the odometer reset button while starting the car. Hold it for 10 seconds (count slowly) and then release. Turn off the car. The next time you start the car it will be off (unless the light is on for some other issue). For oil changes it will flash for 10 seconds after 7,000 miles and come on solid after 7500 miles.

More important than turning the service reminder light off, in order to maintain your car you will either need to get an owner’s manual and maintenance schedule, or you may find those things online if you register as a Honda owner at https://www.ahm-ownerlink.com/login.asp?brand=honda. With that, you will be registering with Honda the car company - not a Honda dealer.

Registering there will also help Honda reach you with future service campaigns or recall notices.