"Maintenance Required" Light is on -- Honda Accord EX 1999



The Maintenance-required light is on permanently (no longer just flashes and goes off). The car has 57,000 miles and I just recently took it for an oil change and they supposedly gave it a look over because I mentioned that I will be driving it from Ohio to Florida next month. Should I take it in to get looked at now that the light is on? Or does the light just turn on automatically once the car reaches a predetermined number of miles?


The Maintenance Required light on our 2006 Sienna comes on a 5k intervals for oil changes. If the Honda is similar, perhaps the mechanic forgot to reset it. Check your Owner’s manual, it may explain how to reset the light, saving you a trip to the dealer.

Ed B.


Exactly so. The owners manual will tell you how to reset the maintenance required light. It is something like turn on the ignition and hold down the reset button near the light for a few seconds until the light goes out. Like I said though, check the owners manual to be sure.


Put the key in the ignition.

Press and hold down the trip odometer reset button.

Start the car while continuing to depress the trip odometer button.

Count off ten seconds and then release the button.

Turn off the car.

Restart the car. The light should now be off.

This light flashes for ten seconds after startup when you hit 6000 miles since the last reset. It stays on at 7500 miles. It is your oil change reminder light.