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Honda Accord blinking check engine light

When I turn on my 2002 Honda Accord, the check engine light blinks 10 times (about 1 blink per second), then stays off.

It seems like its trying to tell me something.

Does anyone here speak this car’s language?

the blinking means a misfire on some cars like my windstar.change you plugs and wires.if it still does it ,it could be the coil.if its a mismifre it could overheat the catalitic converter and damage it and if it gets hot enough and misfires enough,the carpet could catch fire.first go to autozone and have the code pulled for free.they can give you a good idea of what to do or where to take it to get it fixed…good luck!

The general rule of thumb with a Check Engine Light (CEL) is that a steadily illuminated light means that the OBD II system should be scanned and car should be checked as soon as it is convenient. In other words, not an emergency, but something that bears checking.

However, when a CEL begins to blink on and off, this is supposed to indicate an situation that needs to be investigated immediatedly before one problem morphs into more than one, and before repair costs escalate.

As to a CEL that blinks upon starting the engine and then shuts down for the duration of the drive, I have to say that I don’t know the specific answer, but I have two suggestions:

*Read what your Owner’s Manual may have to say on the topic. It is possible that there may be an explanation for this CEL behavior.

*Have the OBD II system scanned a.s.a.p. at an auto parts retailer who does this free-of-charge. You can try Auto Zone, Advance Auto Parts, and O’Reilly as possible sources of this free service.

Just in case this CEL pattern does indicate something serious, I would suggest having the scan done tomorrow. Even if there is no serious problem, in most cases cars use more gas and emit more pollutants whenever a CEL is lit up, so you can potentially save a bit of money by doing this sooner, rather than later.

When you get back to us with the scan code for the check engine light, also, tell us if you have done any maintenance in the last couple of years—such as spark plugs, air filter, etc. changes. And, tell us if it’s a 4 cylinder, or a 6 cylinder engine, and if an Accord LX, EX, etc. sub-model.

are you sure this is the check engine light and not the maintainance light?

Good point!
Now that you mention it, I seem to recall that the Honda “maintenance due” light does flash a few times at every start-up.

I think that this is further evidence of a car owner who needs to read his/her Owner’s Manual.

It has been at least 7000 miles since your last oil change OR they did not reset your maintenance light at the last change. Here is what you need to do if you are not due for an oil change:

With the engine off depress and hold down the trip odometer reset button. Start the car and hold the button off for ten seconds (until the maintenance light stops flashing). Release the button. Turn off the engine.

Next time you start the car the light will no longer flash. This procedure must be done at EVERY oil change. Incidentally, the light will come on and stay on solid (no flashing) once you hit 7500 miles. By now it may already be on. The procedure for turning it off when it is solid is the same.

I think this one is right–it turns out that it is the maint. req. light rather than the check engine light. I did look in the owner’s manual prior to putting this post up here. The light did not used to blink at all (but it is normal for all lights to turn on for a moment when I turn on the car), and it does not continue to blink or stay illuminated at all after the ten blinks when I turn on the car. I think I’ve answered all the questions above. I did have the oil changed recently, at a Honda place no less, but it is very possible that they failed to reset the indicator. I’ll try resetting it using your suggestions.

That’s very presumptuous that you “answered all the questions above.” You did not; but, that’s ok—you found your problem. On the Honda dash, when the words MAINTENANCE REQUIRED appears, it means it’s time to CHANGE THE OIL. It will come on EVERY 5,000 MILES since the last time the light was re-set. So, the WARNING LIGHT has to be re-set each time it comes on. If the motor oil was already changed, the MAINTENANCE REQUIRED light doesn’t know it.

Is this a car questions web site or a soap opera forum? I believe a direct quote of myself would show that I said “I think I’ve answered all the questions above.” If you feel offended, you’re welcome to add your $0.02. Besides, it appears that all I didn’t answer was what the scan code is. But, as noted, my CEL wasn’t blinking, the maintenance required light was. So the scan code is not relevant.

PS: recheck your definition of the word presumptuous.

You ask for help, and, then you insult. You’re a great poster. If there is another question you want to ask. Ask it; but, give details and answer questions so that we can help you, ok?

And, let’s hope that after 7 years, this guy has finally decided to read his Owner’s Manual, which clearly explains “this car’s language”.

Hondas of this generation flash at 7000 miles and stay on at 7500 miles.

Let’s hope that after 7 years, this guy has finally decided to read his Owner’s Manual, which clearly explains “this car’s language”. The only one who looks foolish here is the OP.