Low volume in door chime on 2011 Malibu LT with base radio

The door chime on our 2011 Malibu is barely audible. If my wife leaves the lights on the battery will go dead as she can’t hear the door chime. How do I increase the volume?

It would appear that there is no volume control for the headlights/seat belts/door ajar chime for your year of Malibu.



Doesn’t this car have auto head lights ? and if not I think it is supposed to turn off lights an hour after shut off. The next step would be to put a small sign on the door you use to enter house that says ( check headlights ).

Like the posts above suggest, I doubt there’s a simple solution. My car provides no chime or alarm at all for that situation, so what I do is check to make sure the dome light is off after exiting the car.

I hate to have to say this but… If you can’ hear the chime you will just have to bite the bullet and take a glance at the headlights to verify they are off. Problem solved. This isn’t rocket science.

My mother had this problem because she is hard of hearing.

I bought a light like in this link.

I then mounted it in the inner door panel below the door lock button (not the electric lock, but the manual button near your left shoulder) and wired it to the headlights. It is not visible to the driver when the door is closed, but when you exit the car, you cannot miss it.


I’m assuming that it’s not very often that the auto function doesn’t do the trick and that she has to turn on the headlights manually. Is that true? If so, she could just keep an index card handy that says “turn off headlights” and put it up by the speedometer whenever she actually turns on the headlights manually.

The chime volume is adjustable from Config menu in the Driver Information Center (DIC) in my 2013 Equinox. The directions are in the Owner’s Manual. This feature is not listed for my 2010 Cobalt though.

Ed B.

The radio is used to adjust the vehicle’s chime level. To change the volume level of the chime, press and hold push-button 6 with the ignition on and the radio power off. The volume level will change from the normal level to loud, and LOUD will appear on the radio display. To change back to the default or normal setting, press and hold push-button 6 again. The volume level will change from the loud level to normal, and NORMAL will appear on the radio display.

Note: Each time the chime volume is changed, three chimes will sound to indicate the new volume selected.