Don't leave the lights 'on' alert or sensor

Hello, I need to know if there is something I can add to my car to make that sound (bip bip alert) when you leave your head lights on. My car has never made that sound, I’m not sure if it doesn’t have a chime or a sensor or whatever it is that causes that sound-alert just after turning your engine off, I don’t know if it’s a fuse gone bad or what I need to check. How can I check if my car has that feature/device instaled already, I thought most cars had it :confused: It is a 1995 Civic Del Sol. Or is there a solution (besides not-forgetting-to-turn-them-off-on-your-own) or something you can buy to provide that alert? Thanks for your help,

Lights out! go there,click on “information”, click on ‘how to’ and go to number 19…'make a ‘lights on’ reminder. I personally haven’t tried it but it seems easy enough

It seems to me that most, if not all, cars have had these for a good number of years. Making your own will work, but check your owner’s manual to see if you have it.

del Sols did not have the ‘lights on’ reminder chime…although I can speak only for 1993 to 1995 models (I have owned 4). I have not owned a 96 or 97.

Cool car.

I’ve never seen an aftermalrket kit for such a system. However, in my old vehicles I painted large orange areas on the stalk piece that you turn to turn the lights on such that whenever the lights were on the orange was clearly visable. Sounds hokey, but it really worked.

Thank you so much! Those are great tips and great information. I doubt I have the owners manual, but should go ahead and check that first. If not… I’ll try to use the piezo buzzer approach. I read that walmart sells (in the autoelectrical area) some pre-made headlight warning buzzer thing from 3M, but I thing it’s advertised for $9 dlls and you basically need to do the same thing as suggested on the link. SO… I will buy the buzzer or a chime (I’ll test which one sounds better or is more loud) and will let you know how things turn out.

Thanks so much for the tips!