Lights on Alert

I have a 1994 Chrysler LeBaron. If I turned off the car and forgot to turn off the lights, a chime would alert me of my mistake. There is no longer a chime. This isn’t a problem when I’m done driving at night, when it’s easy to tell if I’ve left my lights on, but if I’m driving on a cloudy day, it’s easier to forget to turn off my lights and drain the battery.

Is this problem correctable?

The chime will burn out just like a turn signal flasher. Just replace the chime. It plugs in just like a flasher. Your owners manual will give you the location of the chime.

The chime probably burned out after 16 years. Installing a new one is likely to fix the problem.

Does the chime sound off when you dont buckle up or when you leave the key in the ignition & open the door?

I’d like to chime in…

Does the chime for the key left in the ignition still work? It could be the chime or speaker is bad, but it could also be something simple like a blown fuse for the system. Check all the fuses. It will probably be a pretty small one like 5 or 10 amps.