Headlight on signal will not quit dinging while driving

After our 1988 Chrysler LeBaron was in an accident we had it repaired. Now when you turn the headlights on a dinging signals comes on and won’t turn off the entire time that the lights are on. Is there any way to disconnect something to stop this from happening?

Do the headlights actually work? Have you checked them to make sure that they are on?

Yep the headlights do work.

Your headlight multi-function switch is bad.

Thanks for the chart.

Could be a bad ground to the lights.

While the ‘dinging’ is going on, have someone open each door and manually push in the door jamb switch. The wiring diagram I see only shows the left front door swtich involved but check all just to be sure. There is also a ‘key in’ switch involved but I cannot quite fathom what it does. Anyway have someone figure out how the circuit works and diagnose what is going wrong…

How long ago was the accident damage repaired? If recent, take it back to the repair shop. They should fix it free of charge.

Under what conditions do these chimes turn on normally? i.e. when things were working correctly? If the chimes are intended to mean the headlights are on when the door is opened, then as mentioned above the problem could be the chimes think the door is open, when it isn’t. That’s easy enough to fix. On my Corolla , if I remember correctly, an audio alarm will turn on if the headlights are on and I either remove the key from the ignition switch or I open the door. So if this happened to me I’d first suspect either the part of the ignition switch that senses the key is installed, or the door-jam switch which also turns the dome light on. That’s one thing you could do, check to see if opening the doors (one by one) turns on & off the dome light like it should.

Edit: One more thing, you’ll likely encounter problems if you simply try to disconnect the audio alarm module. They purposely design these things to make it difficult to disconnect. They’ll run certain power lines through it for example, lines that power other stuff, so if you disconnect the alarm module maybe the radio won’t work, etc.

Notify your insurance, take it back to the shop and let them diagnose and repair it. If there’s cost involved, it’ll be covered under the original claim via an amendment.