Turning up the turn signal volume

I have a hearing problem and the sound of the turn signal is so low I cannot hear it on the road, Is there anyway to increase the volume?

Sorry , Gene but I also have a hearing problem so I just look at the dash for the blinking light .

Edit: Many turn signal sounds are routed through the radio audio system . The first step would be to ask the dealer if they have a solution before you start hooking up things you might find on the web.

I barely hear mine, but wouldn’t hurt to ask your dealer. As I remember for a while in the seventies Cadillac had indicators that got louder the longer they were left on, wish all vehicles had that.

I’ve noticed something on my 2015 Cherokee. If the turn signal has been left on too long it does a second tone similar to the one you get when you exit the car and leave your lights on. If your car is new enough to have the UConnect system you might try going into settings to see if there’s anything there.

The next time you go to a fast food restaurant, grab one of those small cups for ketchup/mustard, and tape the bottom of the cup to the flasher unit.

The cup amplifies the flasher unit sound.


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My Riviera was really loud but my cars now are a lot softer, however I have an amplifier sitting next to me who yells “your flasher is on” if I forget even for a few seconds. I’ve considered renting her out and will consider free delivery.


My car alerts me if it thinks the turn signal has been left on too long, I guess your car does not have that feature, sorry to sound like Oscar the grouch, but maybe getting into the habit of regularly checking the instrument panel is the best way to go.

Bing- - I had one that read every speed limit sign out loud.

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I agree, all those lights and needles are there for a reason. USE THEM ! Don’t be the idiot in the left lane with the right turn signal on for miles. Unless you live in Florida, this would be normal.

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On some cars the turn signal volume is adjustable. If so, it’s usually a dealer-programmed option. Ask your dealership.

I would go toward the visual side of the spectrum rather than trying to amplify a sound to indicate a turn signal. Definitely easier.

They are signaling for what is known as an… eventual… right turn.

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I must have misread the OP’s question?


Is it an actual flasher unit in a can, plugged in somewhere under the dash? If so, it can be relocated to a place it can be better heard. Tester’s cup idea is a good one, too.

Naw you read it right. It just seems to be a male thing to not be able to hear as we age. I’m not sure why, hunting, loud dances, Army, can plant, power tools, I dunno but if getting the wax out doesn’t help, I’ll be forced get those little battery operated things in my ear. In the meantime we’re just having a little fun for folks in the club and prefer email as long as the eyes hold out.

I have had hearing problems for years. When all cars had flashers, they made after markrt flashers that were louder for people who cannot hear the factory one. I put one in my 87 Plymouth Caravelle. But I think most cars now use something other than an actual plug in flasher.

Bing… I have the same amplification unit. Unfortunately, it is not always available… laughing: