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Loud squealing/Pop


So, I recently purchased a 2017 Mazda CX-5 AWD. The vehicle currently has 3k miles on it. It has been a blast to drive, and I’ve had no issues until this afternoon.

I left work, and as I was backing out, I heard what I thought was a “pop” sound. It wasn’t very loud, and no dummy lights cAme on, so I decided to just proceed home.

About a mile down the road, I heard a loud “Squealing” as I started drive from a stop light. The noise got louder as speeds picked up. I immediately stopped as soon as I could turn off. I check all of the wheels for damage, etc. everything looked great. At this point, I turned the wheel in the opposite direction (it was coming from the left side). After doing that, it stopped, and started driving like nothing happened. Also, everything is still working fine - lane departure warning, etc.

I called Mazda and it goes on Friday. They were dumbfounded on the phone. I did wash my vehicle yesterday, but it is in the high 30’s and it was parked in the garage all night. I am not sure if that was the problem? The car was completely dry when I left this morning.

Any thoughts? I’m afraid I’ll be left stranded.

One word:

You do not need to diagnose the problem, and–in fact–if you offer a diagnosis to the dealership, it will likely be rejected…if you are lucky. If you tell the folks at the dealership to perform a certain repair and it proves to be unsuccessful, you will be responsible for the total cost of that repair.

On the other hand, if you allow the dealership to follow the manufacturer’s prescribed diagnostic protocol, none of the costs will be billed to you.

In the long run, if the dealership is unsuccessful in remedying the problem, then you can probably pursue the Lemon Law route in your state, but you first have to allow the dealership to attempt to diagnose and repair the problem without your intervention.

I completely agree. I was just curious what you guys think might have happened?

All of our thoughts are just guesses and as VDC says just tell them what you heard and see what happens.

My best guess–which could be completely inaccurate–is that the “pop” sound you heard when backing out had to do with freezing temperatures after the brake pads were soaked with water when you washed the car.

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As a follow on to @VDCdriver’s last post, you may have picked up something on the road that got caught in the brakes, and that caused the squealing. When you sped up, the wheels rotated faster and ground the debris faster and louder. Turning left may have dislodged the debris. Just a guess based on your description.

Thanks, guys! I’m just hoping that it doesn’t occur tomorrow on my way to work. Otherwise, I guess I’ll be using Mazda’s road side assistance.

Last, can you have an intermittent brake caliper that locks up periodically?

I checked under the hood, and looks ok.

Guess we will see!

No likely, especially on a new car. But, if you’re ever worried about this, feel the wheels after a ride and see if one is warmer than the rest.

I’m guessing the same as JTSanders above, debris got caught in the wheel. Drive extra cautiously until the dealership has a chance to put it on the lift. Also take a look at the inside surfaces of the tires (those facing the middle of the car) if you can for scratches or unusual and fresh marks.

Definitely! Do you think my rim is all scratched up on the backside?