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Squeaking nosie - worry or not?

3 days ago my husband and I bought a 2008 Mazda CX-7. Today, as I was driving on the not-so-smooth roads, I heard a small squeaking sound coming from the front L&R sides of the car. It sounds like rubber moving against rubber as I go up and down. My husband is very concerned, as there shouldn’t be any problems yet! I agree, but am not sure if this is something I really should be worried about. Should I take it back to the dealer to get it checked out or is it just a random noise that I shouldn’t be concerned about? Thanks!

If you bought it from a dealer 3 days ago take it back.

Most likely, the noise that you are hearing is from dry bushings, which is not serious.
However, that is just a guess and it could, in fact, be something of a more serious nature.
Only an examination of the car will tell the story.

I assume that this vehicle was bought as a used car, and as such, it should have at least a 30 day warranty from the dealer. However, since it is a 2008 model year vehicle, it should still have at least some of the Mazda Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty coverage (as well as a good part of the Powertrain Warranty coverage) remaining. For repairs under the Mazda warranty, you need to take it to a Mazda dealer, even if you bought the car from Classy Clarence’s Used Car Emporium or some such place.

So, with warranty coverage of some kind, I question why you would even hesitate to take the vehicle back to either the selling dealer or to an authorized Mazda dealer.

I strongly suggest that you begin to familiarize yourself with the vehicle’s warranties, as well as the Owner’s Manual and the Mazda Maintenance Schedule, all of which should be sitting in the glove compartment.