Question - Please help

I have some experience working on cars. It is the diagnosing that causes me some problems. My wife informed me that her car was making a noise now for about three weeks. Nice to know early. Anyway this noise is a squealing while driving and braking and turning. But it is intermittent, while braking and turning the noise changes or goes away then comes back. I had the car in the drive way not running and pushed it backwards and it made a popping and click sound, not like a bad cv joint though. pushing forward just a squeaking sound from the passenger side front tire. I have never had a wheel bearing go out but I have changed many brakes. I am assuming that this is a brake problem but I have never had anything like this before when pads are worn down. I am thinking that the popping in only reverse is the squealer going the opposite if its original directions. Any other thoughts before I go to the parts store and begin tearing in?

Year, make, model, mileage??

2000 saturn sw2 - 112000

First, be sure the lug nuts are tightened enough.

Jack up front of car with rear wheel chocked, put trans in neutral and turn the wheel by hand. Listen for noise. Guess where it is coming from.

Will do tomorrow and post response thanks for the idea.

On the back side of the brake rotor are probably some dust shields - just thin pieces of metal that easily deform and will be pretty rusty and old my now. I’d probably look at those first.

It was the brakes done and done. I am up grading to Napa gold next time. These autozone only lasted 2 years. Starting to hate autozone parts. But I do not like napa unfriendly help. What do you do?

I would buy lifetime warranted pads where my money and questions are welcome. That way you are only out your labor if the pads wear out prematurely. My son has had good experiences with the top line of Auto Zone pads.