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Loud noise

I have a new 2012 Chevy Cruze with 10,000 miles on it. Chevy has issued service bulletins citing a problem that they can’t seem to diagnose or repair (yet) and my car has the problem. They tell me their engineers are working on it. After the car is a little warm, when I apply the break there is a loud squeaking or whirring noise which pulsates at the speed of the tires (in other words, as I slow down, the intervals between each sound gets longer and longer). I suspect it is coming from the back. First they thought it was sticking calipers until they realized that I have drum brakes on the rear. It is loud enough that the only way no to hear this grating noise is to blast the radio. Very disappointing for a brand new car. Thoughts anyone?

That’s What’s Wrong. You’re Applying The Break, Instead Of The Brake.
Just Joking.

Have you asked to drive a different Cruze when you’re at the dealer ? If your Cruze isn’t the only one with this defect then I really do think GM is working on a fix and you’ll have to be patient.
If other cars are quiet then you can let the dealer know that.

Fo now, be sure to get everything documented, in writing. Be sure your complaint is written and the dealer’s response to the complaint. You’ll need this if you go out of bumper-to-bumper warranty before a cure is released.

Another thing, I’d call a couple of Service Manager/Directors at large volume Chevrolet dealers and see if they’ve had complaints and a solution.


Unfortunately, in this case I think you’ll have to wait for the Chevy guys to come up with a “fix”.

CSA has given you some good advice.
If it were me, I’d pull the ABS fuse and see if it goes away. If it did, I’d drive without the ABS until the dealer got a “fix”.