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Loud sound

i have a 2000 honda accord. i have it for a long time and then few months ago i just notice that everytime my car reaches 40 km/hr onwards, my car is producing a loud sound even i put it in neutral sound will never gone it will only go back to its normal sound when the car goes 39 km/hr down. my car has a problem with the cv joint i think because i can hear a “tik-tik” sound everytime im turning. do you thing the loud sound comes from the cv joint too? pls help me… thank you

Noises and vibrations can indeed be sourced at the CV joint. And ticking during turning is a classic symptom of a CV joint on the fritz. The only puzzling thing is the relationship of the sound to the speed, how it isn’t there below 40 km/hr but is above that speed. That’s unusual, but it could still be the CV. It needs repair anyway. If not repaired, eventually this will strand you on the road. So repairing the known CV problem, that’s probably the place to start.

Does the noise sound like a growl or a rumble? If so what you might be hearing is a front wheel bearing going out.