TICK TICK TICK on right turn only

My car seems to make a tick tick tick sound coming from the left front wheel well, but it only occurs when I make right turns. Not left or when driving straight. Could this be a bad cv joint or wheel bearing? Again, only happens when making right turns and I believe at any speed and the sound interval I believe is shorter (faster tick tick) at higher speeds.

Also, the vehicle is a 2001 manual transmission and pressing the clutch I believe (cant confirm) stops or slows the sound.

Sounds like a CV joint getting ready to totally fail.

Tick, Tick, Tick is usually the sound of a failing CV joint.

CLASSIC CV joint failure…you need a new one ASAP. Letting off the gas/or clutching removes the torque force on the joint and will make the noise go away or subside.

YOu need a CV joint…NOW

We drove over the mountains to Cordoba this last weekend to visit my BIL. He has an older Nisaan Tsuru with automatic.

I noticed the Tick Tick as he turned, and told him what it was. Will he replace them before they fall off? Your guess is as good as mine.