Help with weird sound issue

This morning when I left my driveway in my 1994 Accord, the noise was totally different. At the end of my street when I turned right, it was gone. The noise was something like “whump, whump” and I have had a similar noise in another older car but can’t remember what caused it. Seems it was something with the tires, but cannot remember for sure. I am going to sell my little Accord, but I want to know what this is before I sell.

What speed were you driving at when you heard the noise?
Did the noise increase in volume and/or frequency when you sped up and slowed down?

I was at a low speed, maybe 20. The street is only about .1 of a mile, and when I stopped at the end and turned right, it was gone. A friend said it might be a belt that has come loose inside a tire and as the tire warms up, the noise will leave. What do you think?

Yes, it could be a defective tire.

Could be a CV joint. Check CV shaft boots for torn rubber, leaking grease.

When they start going bad, they only do it periodically at certain angles of steering. And the sound corresponds to the speed.