Muffled Ticking Noise When Turning

I have a 2002 Chrysler Town & Country. We just recently had some issues with the struts, bushings etc and had them replaced. The awful crunching noise we used to hear any time we would run over potholes, etc is now gone. It sounds like a new van …

except now when we turn the steering wheel (in motion or still) we hear this muffled ticking noise. It sounds like it happens mainly when we turn left, and it sounds like it’s coming more from in the car than in the engine area or near the tire …

any ideas on what the problem is? serious? we are scared to take it in. we have already had $800 in repairs done just to finally get the bushings issues fixed.

That sounds like a worn cv-joint.

Typical description of a CV joint going. If so it will get louder unit it suddenly goes and you can’t drive your car any further.

I’ll 3rd the CV joint guess. I will also mention that - depending on mileage and what was actually done - $800 in suspension work isn’t out of line (especially if you do tend to encounter a lot of pot holes). The suspension system undergoes normal wear and tear and needs to be maintained.

CV joints are the same. If you’ve never had one replaced then you are more than likely due and it is a normal wear and tear kind of item.

FYI: it is more than likely that someone will want to replace the whole “half-shaft” (axle) rather than the CV joint. That is normal and usually makes the most sense. It will likely run another few hundred $$ (each side if you do both driver’s & pass side). Consider all of that normal wear & tear maintenance expense. But also make sure that you have a shop that you can trust to do proper diagnosis & repair.

Since you can hear it when sitting still, it’s probably not a CV joint. They’ll “click” when turning if the van is moving, (if they’re failing) but not when sitting still.
Since the noise presents itself with the van stopped, enlist a helper to turn the wheel while you listen for the noise. I’d start around the steering column. It may be as simple as one of the little universal joints in the steering shaft hitting a dust shield. It may be a problem in the steering rack. You need to find the exact source of the noise.