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Help diagnosing a loud noise

I have a 2013 VW Sportwagen TDI. I have been driving with my windows down and recently started hearing a noise (don’t hear it when windows are up). The sound only seems to appear when I first start driving the car (after a few miles it seems to stop or at least is much less frequent), as I slowly (normal) accelerate and especially as I turn into a corner… I hear a loud “ticking” sound. It “ticks” 6-12 times (over about 5 sec) and then stops altogether. The sound has a very metallic character.

I looked at a youtube video demonstrating diagnosing and repairing of the CV joint(s) and am not convinced this is my problem. The tone and frequency of the “tick” sound shown in the video is way different than what I am hearing with my car.

any thoughts?

Could be a CV joint, but it could be a wheel bearing. The latter is much more dangerous as it could cause the wheel to freeze.

Try jacking the car up and spinning the wheels?

Unless its frequency matches that of the wheels, CV joints would not be my first guess, although Lord knows I’ve been wrong before.

Is this a diesel? It could be as simple as a malfunctioning injector. A diesel mechanic mighty be able to tell you just by hearing it. Can you post a video?

Outer CV joint sounds tend to be most noticeable turning at slow speeds, like in parking lots. They are usually describing as “clicks”, rather than ticking. Sometimes inner CV joints can misbehave as you describe though. Besides the good ideas above, a bad tire can make this noise. If it is louder when turning right, check the tires on the left side of the car for unusual wear patterns, flat spots, etc. Visa versa if the sound occurs when turning left.

The next time it happens, lightly apply the brakes with your left foot while continuing to accelerate. If the noise immediately changes, it points to a brake issue.